Whizz-kid 2023

Whizz-kid 2023 is here :)

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/xBWU8a3NvPdJ4dVm9

Whizz-kid will be conducted in 2 rounds.
Round 1 (Screening Round): 

This round will be conducted on 15th Oct 2023 from 4 pm to 5:30 pm at various BT centers in OFFLINE mode only.

Round 2 (Final Round): 

This round will consist of challenging yet elegant riddles. Based on the combined performances of the 2 rounds, top 10 students will be awarded Amazon vouchers ranging from Rs 15000 to Rs 2000 (as highlighted in the poster) and top 50 students will get a certificate of appreciation along with some goodies. Date and mode of conduction of round 2 will be finalised later, after round 1. 

Eligibility Creterion for the exam is mentioned in the attached PDF file along with other details

Whizz-kid is open to non BT students as well. BT students may inform this to their non BT friends at school/college.
For BT students:
Registration is FREE. You just need to fill in a Google form to register. So if you want to give Round 1 of Whizz-kid, fill in the below Google form. 

For Non BT Students:
Non BT students also can give the first round of Whizz-kid after registering for the same and paying registration charges of Rs. 250. Please pay Rs. 250 Google pay on the number 7709148668. After submission, you shall get an email confirmation within 48 hours.

Please click below for more details about eligibility, exam registration, etc.

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