Entrance Exam for 9th passed students (Foundation Accelerated Course) - On Spot

Entrance program for Foundation Accelerated 2023 course
(8th months course for 9th passed students)

Selection to the program shall be based on the performance in the Entrance Program.

Entrance Program date - On spot

(IQ based ONLINE test)

Following shall be the format for the entrance process:

1. The entrance exam shall be conducted at 4 pm on the same day of registration (if you register before 2 pm). 

2. If registration is done after 2 pm, the exam shall be conducted the next day at 4 pm. 

3. The duration of the entrance test (IQ test) shall be 1.5 hours. A stable internet connection shall help in smooth conduction of the test.

4. Result of the entrance test shall be communicated within 24 hours.

Pre-Registration Compulsory for the Entrance Exam.

Registration fee for this Entrance Exam is Rs. 200/-

Please contact us on 7304-400-400 for any further query.

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