Special Comprehensive course

(3/4 year course for few selected students of Foundation course)

To succeed in prominent engineering entrance exams, one requires a thorough understanding of subjects Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, and the ability to solve unseen and new questions with accuracy and speed. As competition is getting tougher every year, the sooner a child starts his preparation the higher are the chances of succeeding in JEE.

Thus, at BT, we identify a few outstanding students from our Foundation course and train them with 11th std batches while they are in 9th/10th std. These students can choose any one subject out of Physics and Math and attend classes for that particular subject with 11th std students. Many of the BT top rankers have benefited immensely from this course. To name a few, Vedang Asgaonkar (JEE Adv 2020, AIR 7), Omkar Thakoor (IIT-JEE 2010, AIR 11), Soham Joshi (JEE Adv 2021, AIR 46), Vedant Talegaonkar (JEE Adv 2022, AIR 89), Kalpesh Krishna (JEE Adv 2014, AIR 93), Shlok Pande (JEE Adv 2021, AIR 94), Shubhranil C.(JEE Adv 2021, AIR 157), Sahil Agrawal (IITJEE 2010, AIR 176), T. Akshay (JEE Adv 2016, AIR 182) & Arnhav Datar (JEE Adv 2018, AIR 200) are few toppers who had benefitted from this concept. In fact, all of them except Vedant Talegaonkar cleared Physics Olympiad 1st round as well, with Soham, Vedang, Omkar, Sahil, Arnhav & T.Akshay cleared 2nd round also. Vedang scored a perfect 100 percentile in Physics in JEE Main 2020.