Comprehensive 2026 (JEE) 

This course is designed for students going to 11th standard in the academic year 2024–25 and who plan to take the engineering entrance exam along with their 12th-standard board exams.

To succeed in the prominent engineering entrance exam, one requires a thorough understanding of subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and the ability to solve unseen and new questions with accuracy and speed.

Keeping this in mind, our course has been designed in such a manner that it will focus on:

  • Core concepts and fundamentals.
  • Sharpening analytical skills and developing problem solving abilities.
  • Speed building through intensive problem-solving sessions and tests.

Thus our course design is such that a sincere student is bound to acquire a grip on exams and cultivate self confidence and develop an easy 'feel' for all engineering entrance exams.

This two year course is for students joining 11th standard , with 1800+ hrs of class room teaching and more than 100 tests,  is truly comprehensive.

Salient Features of the course:

  • Two year course for students joining 11th standard.
  • Preparation for all competitive exams like JEE Advanced, JEE Mains, BITSAT and boards is taken cared of.
  • 1800+ hrs of classroom sessions.
  • Detailed Course material in booklet form along with Online testing account would be provided.

At BT, we have mastered a 4-week format in which at least 23 lectures, each of 3 hours duration (followed by 20-minutes doubt session), are offered to students. 1 test (with common ranking across batches) with detailed analysis apart from the small weekly tests are also conducted within these 4 weeks. This structure ensures effective and timely completion of the syllabus. This is further followed by 3 rounds of rigorous revisions till JEE Advanced.

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