(7.5 month course for students going to 6th or 7th standard in the academic year 2024–25)

The Pre-Foundation course at BT is a novel concept thoughtfully designed to work on students analytical thinking and problem solving abilities at an early stage.

These skills are paramount in order to conquer quality national level competitive exams like JEE in future.

Developing such skills in formative years itself will not only give them a competitive edge over their peers but also help them ignite strong interest in preparation for competitive exams.

With the above objective in mind, this course will cover lectures on important concepts of Mathematics, logical thinking and mental ability.

Though this is a light course, but it is best suited for students who want to experience the mental adventures rather than settling for the mundane. The lectures are conducted once a week for 3 hours 20 mins duration (with a 15 mins break in between). The last 20 mins of every lecture shall be used for one to one doubts discussion. In addition to the weekly lecture, there will be problem solving/doubt session every week for 4 hours.

These would be live and engaging online lectures which the student can attend from the comfort of one's home itself.