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Useful Sites For IIT-JEE:

IIT-JEE sites by respective IIT's, can be viewed at the JEE subdomain of the various IIT websites., ,, etc

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Reputed Olympiads / Sites / Links

BT provides scholarships to students meritorious in most of these Olympiads, as mentioned in the Scholarship / Awards section.

Recognized Olympiads & Related websites:

(Government approved Olympiads)

1)  Organised by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research & HBCSE , IAPT, IACT, and approved by the government, these olympiads give the students a chance to learn,& compete at the same time. They include 2 rounds of examinations followed by orientation and selection camp for the Indian National Team, who represent India in these academic Olympiads to compete with students from other countries.

(Olympiads by Non- Profit / Other Organistations)