Comprehensive (NEET)

To succeed in NEET exam, a student requires a thorough understanding of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must develop ability to solve questions with Accuracy and Speed. 

We would like to replicate our IIT-JEE experience and bring BEST PRACTICES in teaching methods and assessment from JEE coaching to NEET coaching. Students in Pune currently join independent Physics, Chemistry and Biology free-lance teachers, run around the city wasting a lot of time due to non-availability of a reliable, transparent and ethical coaching institute preparing students for PCB and NEET.

Keeping this in mind, our course focus on:

  • Core concepts and fundamentals.
  • Sharpening analytical skills and developing problem solving abilities.
  • Speed building through intensive problem solving sessions and tests.
  • LCD projector assisted Biology classes to help students visualize complexities.

‚ÄčThus our course design is such that a sincere student cultivates self-confidence and acquire a grip and easy 'feel' for all medical entrance exams.

With 1600+ hrs of Class Room Teaching, this two years course for 10th passed students is truly comprehensive. 


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